Ariel Fernandez Innovation
Pharmaceutical Consultancy
Transformative Molecular Designs for the Pharmaceutical Industry

In spite of the enticing promises of the post-genomic era, the pharmaceutical world is in a state of disarray. Drug discovery seems now riskier and more uncertain than ever. Thus, projects get routinely terminated in mid-stage clinical trials, new targets are getting harder to find, and successful therapeutic agents are often recalled as unanticipated side effects are discovered. Exploiting the huge output of genomic studies to make safer drugs has proven to be much more difficult than anticipated. More than ever, the lead in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the ability to harness innovative research, and this type of innovation can only come from one source: fundamental knowledge. In this regard, our consultancy squarely addresses the needs of the pharmaceutical industry since it provides new and fundamental insights into rational drug design that hold potential to broaden its technological base.

Our areas of expertise are personalized molecular design and controlled specificity. The consultancy seeks to provide thought leadership on the type of cutting edge research that translates into a competitive advantage.

Ariel Fernandez serves as expert consultant in pharmaceutical patent litigation.

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